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BIM offers a 4 year Bachelors of Science degree. The Administration, Information Management and Communication studies of Business are core elements of the program. A very valuable part of the curriculum is the Industrial training placement. This gives the student a real life business experience and adds a practical perspective to the theoretical studies. Students can specialize in the desired area of the study program through a wide variety of elective courses.

Department of Business Information Management
combines a solid grounding in Applied Management studies
with enriched Information Management and Communications components together with supervised Internship Programs.

Business Administration : Business Administration courses constitute about 40% of the curriculum. To provide a foundation in basic administrative and management skills, students are given a wide range of  business studies. In addition to specialized courses like accounting, finance, statistics and law,  students also gain a clear perspective of the human, organizational and social factors related to successful business operations,

Information Management: The courses on information management area address goals as active information finding, quantitative reasoning, analytical thinking and problem solving.Starting with extensive hands-on experience and business- oriented applications, students then learn to evaluate, select, implement and manage information systems. By the time they graduate, Business Infrmation Management graduates will have experienced all phases of project development through a web based project, which introduces ‘creative elements’, Graphics Design, plus new challenges in Information Systems Analysis and Information Architecture.

Business Communications: Business Information Management aims to graduate students who have strong teamwork and interpersonal communication abilities, developed through courses that focus on writing, speaking, presenting, debating and negotiating in English. The students also strengthen their verbal and written communication skills through an experience in various communication techniques such as; drama, presentation techniques, team discussions and the use of audio visual aids.

Internship: The curriculum includes both a 50-day summer training program and a full-semester corporate internship. These training programs are a significant part of the BIM curriculum and important component of the students’ development. Students experience, first hand, the challenges, opportunities and frustrations of business life. They learn how to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and to serve as contributing team members. They also gain the perspective and self-confidence they will need when selecting a career upon graduation. In fact, our students frequently receive offers for later full-time employment during their internship periods.

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