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BIM Transfer"I think that I have taken one of the best decisions in my life by choosing Bilkent University Commerce and Administration Department. Upon graduation, I have transfered to BIM Department, being my first choice as a four-year school. It is a privilege to be a Bilkenter and to carry the spirit of Bilkent. I have always felt this. Nowadays I am graduating and I have an unprecedented pride.

The education I received have laid a very strong foundation for all ever responsibilities I will be facing in life. It has been really useful for me to improve myself, to look at life with diverse angles. It has been great chance to meet expert and very nice instructors. I would like to emphasize BIM’s contributions into my personal and my career development.

Now with a different viewpoint, I can see how got mature through Bilkent education. Now I can generate solutions to problems and I do believe that I can cope with any difficulty through new ideas and a researching spirit. I would express my gratitude to all my instructors who have given such a nice training. .I can now confidently say that 'How great it is to say that I am a Bilkent Graduate...' "

Çınar KURTOĞLU - BIM 4th year student and SATM Student Union Represantative
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