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Quotes From Our Students

“The BIM Department, by immersing us in mutidisciplinary studies covering management, communications and information technologies, gave us a head start when we entered the competitive business environment. Our personal and business perspectives benefited from the projects and applied courses we took. I feel that the summer and full-semester industrial training programs, added to our theoretical studies, greatly enhanced our value as employees.”

Sinan Cafri, 2005 Graduate
ExxonMobil Credit Supervisor

“I believe the most important contribution of BIM is the multidisciplinary curriculum, which also includes a number of applied activities, such as projects, presentations, internships. As a result, even new graduates of BIM Department are seen as experienced employees by many companies. As an example, the company in which I completed my Industrial Training Semester offered me a full-time position even before I graduated from the school. ”

Özge Kılıç Varış, 2005 Graduate
Oracle TURKIYE, Territory Manager

“The BIM Department introduces its students to the contemporary business world through Industrial Training internships. The full value of these internships becomes very evident after we start our working lives. ”

Özgücan Yaşar, 2012 Graduate
Customer Relationships, Dell, Slovenia

“I believe that as a graduate of the BIM Department I was especially well prepared for business life. While reaching my current position I have frequently drawn on my studies in the communication and information technology areas, to help me work through and complete successful projects. ”

Sena Yelkencioğlu, 1998 Graduate
Category and Marketing Director, Sephora Turkey


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