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An experience consisting of supervised work that complements a student's academic program. An internship is distinguished from other work experiences because it is directly related to a student's program of study and has clearly defined learning objectives.


We believe that general classroom teaching and hands-on experience in computer laboratories still lack the blend of industrial environment. Students, after graduation have to struggle to adjust in business and industry.
Hence, our summer ( after the completion of 2nd year) and semester internship (second semester of their 3rd year) programs will bridge the gap between industrial practices and theoretical education. After completing this supervised industrial internship, students will have better transition from school to industry.
This internship provides credit for learning, not credit simply for working.

Internships have become an essential part of a business student’s educational experience, for students. In fact, career-related work experience gained while in school may be even more important to job-seeking business school graduates than getting a grade point average.

An internship will allow you to test your career objectives, help you identify your talents and direct you toward an appropriate career, and help you to acquire those essential practical and professional skills you need in the business world.

Students will have the opportunity to develop and practice leadership skills by applying the knowledge gained in their academic program to business problems and needs. The long-term goal is to develop mutually beneficial relationships between students and businesses.


1. To expose students with actual life experiences with business and industry,
2. To familiarize students with industrial practices,
3. To introduce students with industrial processes,
4. To expose students with team work,
5. To expose students with client and technician relationships,
6. To familiarize students with etiquette and customer behavior,
7. To expose students with record keeping,
8. To provide students with a work experience which can be listed in their resumes,
9. To confront student with the demands and disciplines required of a full-time employee.


Internship program is designed with the help of the participating industries to provide students with industrial environment experience. Over 100 leading national and multinational organizations are partnering with our department in our Internship Programs. With the approval of department, BIM students may also select other companies which may again domestic or foreign companies. All internships are monitored by the department and students are also evaluated by their employers. A written Internship Report must be submitted and a brief presentation must be made to the faculty and classmates upon the completion of the Industrial Training Semester.

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